Day 1 A new beginning

I will be following your lead and have bought all of my ingredients and made my beans from scratch so they are ready. I am reading the book “Crazy, Sexy Diet” and have been fascinated with her ideas and humor. A few years ago I did a fast for 10 days on lemon juice and water and lost 10 pounds and gained it all back after a few weeks plus 10 more pounds. It is interesting how the body just keeps the extra weight because those same 20 pounds have stayed on my body for years now and have not moved up or down. Anyway, I am ready for a new lifestyle and changing my horrible eating of sugars, starches and meats in exchange for eating and drinking only healthy fruits and vegetables so will try this and see how it goes.

My mother lost her leg at age 88 because of the lack of circulation in her leg. She was so overweight. It was so sad seeing that the doctor could not save her leg. This would never have happened if she would have lost 60 pounds and done a bit of exercise. I said that I would not get into that state and would exercise and loose my weight, but have not achieved any weight loss. Today, I am at 219 pounds and should be 160. I am the point where I have to do something because my body is a mess and hurts most of the time when I walk and when I get up from sitting down. This is not about loosing weight because I want to get into a size 10 pair of jeans, this is about my health and being able to feel good when I walk and not dread getting up and going for a walk with my husband.

So, I have been researching all I can about food and nutrition and not about dieting.
All of the authors talk about a lifestyle change. I went out and bought my juicer on Friday so have that standing by. Anyway, I will try to respond everyday and share my ups and downs as I go through my lifestyle changes.


One comment on “Day 1 A new beginning

  1. lott45 says:

    Good luck! We’ll do great.

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