Day 1: OMG

As day 1 draws to a close I realized one thing today, I didn’t look forward to one meal the whole day. On a positive note I didn’t really feel hungry all day and I think that’s because the ham I had the day before was still digesting.  I drank my water without the cayenne pepper because the mother got me scared that it would make me rush to the bathroom. In lieu of the blender I made my morning smoothie with the wand blender and it worked really well. The blender came with a cup that I put all my stuff in and as I was blending there was a lot of down force so none of the liquid came out of the cup. I also put more water in it this time, so it was a lot easier to drink. I took it to work in a 1 liter thermos so I could mix it by shaking it before I drank from it. I read something very interesting in eat to live, and that was that you would end up feeling real hunger, so I was thinking about that the whole day today. Whether or not I was really feeling hunger, or if it was boredom hunger.



2 comments on “Day 1: OMG

  1. the sister says:

    I know what you mean about the hunger. But, if you are really truly hungry you need to eat more. Make those cookies I sent you the recipe for. Mary could probably score you a magic bullet on her rounds, which would work for now. The cayenne pepper won’t make you run to the toilet. That was the salt mom was putting in her water.

  2. Anna says:

    Yes, Lisa is right. It is the salt that made me run to the toilet. I did that cleanse for 10 days and I totally got rid of all toxins out of my body. I also felt wonderful by the third day and could have kept going indefinitely. The problem with that diet, drinking only lemon water, was once I started to eat, something triggered a reaction to go crazy. It was as though this inner voice was telling me to eat a lot of junk food because I was so good for 10 days and deserved the treats. I did go crazy and the 10 pounds I lost went to 20 pounds. Insanity!!!!

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