Day 1 Tiring Day

I just got home from work and am also very tired today.  I feel like I needed more food to keep me going.  It could also be the lack of coffee since I always have a coffee around 2PM to give me a lift so that I can teach one more class.  My last class is the one that I love to teach but today I felt so lethargic.  Anyway, once I got home I made my carrot, cucumber and ginger juice with my new juicer.  I love that juicer.   It really did hit the spot and I felt much better.   Tonight, I will eat the same bean stew with the sweet potatoes and a herbal tea after.   

I agree that the focus today was always on food. I am thinking about what to cook and that I should plan my meals more. My life could totally revolve around food for the next 21 days.   I hope the newness wears off and I get back to doing other things.   


2 comments on “Day 1 Tiring Day

  1. the sister says:

    If you are really feeling hungry, try eating more at mealtimes and have a snack ready to go. You could also bring your juice to work in a container when you need a jolt. Do you have a food processor? I’ll get that raw cookie recipe to you. Just one 1 inch cookie fills you up and satisfies the sweet tooth.

  2. the sister says:

    Also, Karr says on day 2 it is normal to feel tired and crappy as your body is detoxing. Love yourself, make sure to go for your 35 minute walk (none-negociable part of the program), and try to meditate – even for just 5-minutes. Sit comfortably, let your eyes rest gently on a spot on the floor, focus on the rhythm of your breathing, and when thoughts come, go back to your breath. It is SUPER hard, but apparently gets easier with practice.

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