Screw eating to live!

Congrats on finishing day 1 everyone!  I know what bro means when he says he didn’t look forward to any meal.  That’s how I felt on Eat to Live, which was more restrictive in that you could only eat one serving of grain.  You got the sense that food only existed to keep you alive and not for enjoyment.  I didn’t like that, especially as a passionate cook.  I think the “food for sustenance only” is what made me not keep up with that lifestyle.  This time round I am focusing on cooking delicious gluten-free, vegan meals with little-no oil.  Cooking once a week, like mom does, and eating the same thing everyday does not work for me or husband.  I need to look forward to supper.  I only need to cook once a day since I always have the leftovers for lunch the following day.  So, it isn’t any more work than a meat based diet, except I have to learn a new repertoire. I’ll keep posting my pictures and recipes in case anyone wants to follow along.


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