Shopping List

Day 2 is here and I have prepared a shopping list and a food menu for the rest of the week.  My daughter is right about my boring meal plans that I have had in the past.  I just cooked my bean stew on a Sunday and ate that all week.  I did not look forward to any of my meals.  I have never really enjoyed cooking.  I just ate to feel full and ate to hide my emotions.  I love sweets of all kinds.  Chocolate is my favorite food on the planet.  But the word moderation does not exist in my vocabulary so I would always have this discussion with a chocolate bar, “I will only have one piece and leave the rest until tomorrow.”  Well, after that first piece I would go after the second, third and then tell  myself, “What the heck, I might as well finish the whole thing and never buy another one.”  Then, a month later would have the same discussion, not only with chocolate, but with desserts, etc. Talk about an addictive behavior!!! I have always had this addictive behavior towards the wrong foods.  So, I have decided to plan each meal creatively.   This is what I have so far.  I am looking for 7 meals, if anyone has any other ideas, please share them.  



vegetables and humus dip which I will make myself out of chickpeas and tahini. 


Beans, vegetables and sweat potato (My boring meal)

Red Cabbage with raisins and apples.  (Sounds exciting)

Brown Rice Pilaf with Raisins and zucchini (Yes, a new meal)

Mushroom Lentil stew ( Looking forward to this)


 Homemade hummus with carrots and celery

Fruit smoothie

Apple, carrot and cucumber juice.


2 comments on “Shopping List

  1. the sister says:

    Keep flip flopping your lunch and supper. If you have, say, soup and salad for lunch, then a rice, bean and veggie dish for supper, the next day have the leftover rice for lunch and a soup and salad for supper. Just a way to mix it up a little.

    Make that quinoa and bean dish that I posted. It was delicious.

    • mother says:

      Did buy couscous, brown rice, hummus, etc. will make one of my dishes tomorrow. I want to also make a vegetable soup because that would be great for lunch.

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