Day 2 was terrific

I did my shopping today and got the ingredients for the humus as well as the celery and green peppers.  When I got home I made the humus and had that with carrot, pepper and celery pieces.  I had such a hard time eating.   It is amazing how I can juice 4 carrots, cucumber and one apple and drink that with no problem yet I could not finish the 1 carrot, one celery and half a pepper.  For supper I finished my mushy boring bean stew and am now looking forward to my dinner tomorrow because I have the ingredients to be a bit more creative with cooking.   I also have more recipes that look interesting and delicious.  

One thing I am doing that is different from my daughter and son – I am having oatmeal with one banana and a few strawberries for breakfast.  I had no desire to eat today. It was very strange.  I do think it is the oatmeal that I have in the morning.  I could have gone all day without eating so had to force myself to eat at lunch time.  Having juice in the morning may not stay in your body and that maybe why you, my daughter, are hungry in the morning.  I also wonder about the spike of sugar that one gets after drinking fruit juice?  Anyway, it will be interesting seeing how we do over the next three weeks and to see if having oatmeal in the morning will sabotage my weight loss?   The majority of nutritionist suggest eating a morning breakfast and that it is the most important meal of the day. I am not eating any flour products but only oats.  



3 comments on “Day 2 was terrific

  1. the sister says:

    I agree with eating breakfast. For the past 3 months I have had a smoothie for breakfast and an ounce of nuts midmorning to tide me over until lunch. Now I don’t eat my smoothie until AFTER my morning water and green tea, and only when I start to feel real hunger. So, it is still breakfast, just later in the morning. This way I can save my nuts for dessert…mixed into a cookie!

  2. The brother says:

    I don’t really feel hungry either. The water and lemon ties me over, then I drink my spinach smoothie at around 10 am. I have my walnuts on top of my salad for lunch.

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