Day 3 Vegetables and Rice

I came home from work exhausted as usual and had to face the kitchen.   I know I should prepare my dinners ahead but always put it off.  Anyway, I just sat for about 1 hour after getting home and then got up to cut all of my vegetables (sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, potato, peppers).  I baked them and then boiled my multi grained rice and had that for supper. It was so filling.

I just wish my husband would join me in this quest.  He still is eating meat.  I just make his meat to go along with my vegetables and rice.  I bought a grill where the fat flows out and just grilled chicken on that and added it to his rice and vegetables.  It was easy, really, cooking meat at the same time.


3 comments on “Day 3 Vegetables and Rice

  1. the sister says:

    Hopefully, as you continue on with this cleanse, and maybe, lifestyle, you won’t be exhausted any more at the end of your day. Wouldn’t that be nice?! You’ll weight less and have more energy. How are you doing with the daily walking?

  2. The brother says:

    I’ve only walked once at lunch time. I’ll go tomorrow at lunch again.

  3. Anna says:

    Not doing any exercise other than walking to work and around the classroom all day. I did go out this morning and did walk for about 30 min.

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