DAY 5 in the bag

I’m so tired today after being up all night with baby boy.  It’s a shame I can’t really feel the full benefits of this cleanse because of my lack of sleep.  We are supposed to get 8 hours a night.  I’ve only been sleeping 2 hours at a time.  I still went for my walk and did my meditation.  I used the netty pot to clean my sinuses the last two days, and it feels pretty good right after.  I have a bit of a cold so the feeling doesn’t last long.  I had a day off cooking as I had lots of leftovers.  I just made a fresh salad tonight and I only had to reheat.  God bless leftovers.  I pray I can get a little more sleep tonight as these nights are adding up.  I should nap, but always find myself wanting to do other things with that quiet time.   Now that I am focusing on this cleanse, with the cooking, exercise, meditation, research, photography, blogging, plus the mothering, it feels like there are hardly enough hours in day.  I don’t know how you all are doing it while working too.  I love all of it though, with the direction it brings.  I don’t find myself wasting time anymore on the computer, instead this cleanse/blog is helping me to work on my photography and broaden my cooking repertoire.


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