Special Events

Daughter, I have to psychologically prepare myself for special events and also do the actual preparation ahead of time.  If I wait for the last minute then I will be more tempted to eat something that I should not eat.  I also can get into the “poor me” syndrome when I see everyone else having a good time and I have to watch. I may not have had a dessert right then and there but would pop in a cookie when no one was looking.   Very much like a child would do.   I would always sabotage my eating plan after I had eaten a cookie or pie after a so called “special” occasion.

Maybe the thing to do is to just see Easter as another day where you treat your children to a special activity, like an easter egg hunt in your back yard.  Focus on others.   Do not make food the center of the event, but do other activities.  The food that you are now making sounds so delicious so keep just doing what you are doing.   The three of us have to stay focused and creative.


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