Day 5 Weight and the Scale

I have not talked about weight because I did not want to focus on that part of going vegan.  Once I get thinking about pounds and not on the way I feel, I get frustrated when the pounds do not come off.   Every diet I have been on revolved around loosing weight and I have been on many of them.  I have counted calories, points, and ate only certain foods, etc.  Those eating plans have never lasted more than a week or so and the culprit that took my focus away was always starch and sugar products.  Over the last five days, I have not really thought about cheating and sneaking after my favorite foods. So, this has been a good week so far.  I did step on the scale and saw that I have lost 5 pounds.  I find this bizarre because I feel so full all of the time and have no need to eat between meals or after meals.  The smoothies and fruit juices fix my sugar craving so that is good.   I will share my weight loss numbers as well as the daily meal eating journey.


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