Grocery shopping

I just got back from grocery shopping.  I sure save a lot of money not buying meat.  Even when buying organic greens and other items.   Also, not buying wine anymore saves us SO much money.  With that in mind I was able to splurge for a box of special herbal tea, which I would normally think costs too much.  All in perspective.

Now I am drinking a giant green smoothie.  1/2 English cucumber, about 1/3 box of spinach, 2 small bananas, 2 cups of mangos and mixed berries and water.  I still have 2 cups left, so I think this will be my meal all day.  Maybe have a brown rice cracker with some natural PB in the afternoon.  We’ll see, I might get hungry later.  Gotta think of what to cook for supper.

Okay, I’m gonna take the baby and poodle for a walk now.  Beautiful, sunny day here and I’m feeling great!

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