OK….ok, the reluctant one has arrived

Well, not a bad week overall in terms of sticking to it. A few days ago I did have a sandwich at work, it was a fancy sandwich that was free so I had to eat it. So far I haven’t had any coffee at all, no wine, no milk or dairy. So far so good, but I must say that yesterday I was craving the wine big time….and a bag of chips. I do feel pretty good though, my body feels like it is lighter or something….easier to go for walks, more energy, I dunno….I think next week we will really start to feel our bodies taking to this onslaught of nutricious food. My knees…..my knees have been crunching and have had pain for the last year, the last two days I have not had any pain in them, that may be crazy….I can’t imagine the cause-effect can happen that quickly but I shit you not, I’ll keep an eye on that. It was so odd because every day I climb the same hill to the bus stop and every day I can feel the knees, not yesterday and not today, just walked right up the hill…..strange.


4 comments on “OK….ok, the reluctant one has arrived

  1. the sister says:

    Wow! Very cool about the knees. I’ll have to research that one.

  2. Anna says:

    I also have had such pain at the top of my right leg when I walk and that is why I hate to walk but feel if I don’t walk then my legs will seize up. I just finished a walk to the store and the pain in my leg sometimes is overwhelming. I think it has to do with age, my extra 60 pounds, and the junk food that I have been eating all of my life. That is why I have turned to this plan and to see if drastically changing my eating will help me. I am so happy that your pain has subsided.

  3. Anna says:

    By the way, Reluctant One, welcome to our blog. This vegan journey is so new to me and I am excited to share the ups and downs of my journey. Doing it together makes it so much easier.

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