Day 5 Little depressed and tired today

Today I felt emotionally down and tired.  I don’t know why because I had a good day food wise.  Is it because we are detoxing our bodies?  Sort of like a withdrawal symptoms. When you think about all of the sugar that I stuffed into my body for most of my life and the unhealthy fats and meats, it must be like giving up any toxic substance such as alcohol or drugs.  When I gave up alcohol 32 years ago, it was similar because   I also went through good days and bad days.  This was also the first day without coffee so I did have a mild shimmery headache this morning.  I trust the journey and will keep going.   


2 comments on “Day 5 Little depressed and tired today

  1. the sister says:

    Keep at it, you’re doing great! Try to get out for a walk today. Buy some of those brown rice cakes. PB and apple to top it. So so good.

  2. the sister says:

    Read what Karr writes for day 6 of the cleanse:

    Emotional detox symptoms are very, very normal. Irritability and feeling a little depressed and teary is part of the process (especially if you happen to have your period). You’ve removed the food vices that covered your pain, the snacks that created a false sense of joy (for like thirty seconds). Good for you! Substances that make us numb out are veils. Wear them on your wedding if you want, but not for the rest of your life. I promise the clouds will clear very soon—but they will come back if you don’t do some emotional weeding.”

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