I have a WICKED headache.  It just started halfway through supper.  All across my eyebrows and temples.  We had leftover that didn’t fit in yesterday’s squash, and barbecued vegetables.  Too much olive oil on the veg for my taste and this cleanse, but still very good.  Shawn bought a fresh salsa that we ate with the meal.  I should check the label to see if that is the culprit. Or the oil?  Or the BBQ?  Strange how it hit while I was eating.  This is my first headache this week.

Big smoothie at 10:00am again and a couple of the pb/apple/brown rice cakes in the afternoon.  I am amazed how satisfied I feel between meals.

I just realized I’ve been mindlessly eating the raw cookies as I surf the internet.  Time to get off the internet.

Tonight’s supper picture:

Barbecued veggies and leftover grains with chickpeas.


2 comments on “DAY 7

  1. Anna says:

    How long did the headache last? It could have been the salsa. As I said, one has to read the labels on everything that goes into our mouths.

    • the sister says:

      No, the label just listed fresh veggies, and spices. Unless MSG counts as a spice? Oh well, a mystery for now. The headache lasted a couple of hours.

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