Finally Pooped!!

Well after a few failed attempts during the week I finally did it. I wasn’t sure at first, but when I awoke this morning with a strange feeling down there, I got rather excited and raced down to the bathroom, and sure enough it happened. It wasn’t quite as robust as before but I’m still happy. It can only get better from here anyways. Right??

I’ve also got renewed motivation as I lost 6 pounds this week. I’m sure some of it is water, but still it feels awesome. During the week I got my routine going now. Water with lemon, make my smoothie and put it in my 1 liter thermos bottle to take to work. Green tea when I get to work. Salad and some leftover dinner for lunch. I have one piece of fruit at around 3pm to tie me over until dinner, then make my dinner with salad when I get home.

Last night I made the bean tacos that sister posted. The bean mixture and Guac was really good. The tortillas were disappointing, and I couldn’t figure it out. After about an hour of struggling with too thin and too thick dough and the material breaking up and sticking to my hands I thought about abandoning the whole thing and breaking out the ezekiel wraps I bought, but I stuck with it and ended up putting the golf ball sized doughs into the pan and patting them down as flat as I could with my fingers. This ended up making thick patties. I still ate them with the other stuff, but they didn’t really taste like much. Maybe it’s because I used yellow corn flour instead of the Maecan or whatever it was. Oh well.

This weekends big task is to make some veg burgers. It seems like I’ll need to breakdown and go buy a food processor for this. I keep going back and forth on whether or not I should buy a blender or food processor. I’ve watched youtube videos of both in action and I think I’ll go with the processor as my hand wand blender does a really good job making smoothies and can easily be washed under running water when I’m done. Now to go research recipes.



2 comments on “Finally Pooped!!

  1. Anna says:

    Wow, you sound really great, son, and you also survived the week. We all did it. I am impressed with your Taco skills and that you actually tried to make them yourself. What an accomplishment. I will also try them this weekend since I have time. I have to go and buy the flour today. Boy, Trader Joe sure has benefitted from my going Vegan.

  2. the sister says:

    Good work! Definitely buy a food processor. My Cuisinart is a cinch to clean. After my smoothy, I just run the blade, container, and top under water. I don’t even use soap. It is the only tool in my kitchen I couldn’t live without.

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