No more TGIF????

The dreaded Friday evening turned out to be just another evening.  After cleansing for 6 days, I didn’t yearn for wine when suppertime rolled around.  Reluctant vegan husband is another story, but I’ll let him do the talking for himself.  He did bring up the thought that without wine (and food) to celebrate the weekend, Friday night is just like the rest of the week – in a bad way, apparently.  What are your thoughts on this view?


2 comments on “No more TGIF????

  1. Anna says:

    It is just another day. The good thing about Friday is that you have two days off to play and do the things that you can not during the week. When I was drinking, the weekend was for partying and I used the weekend as an excuse to drink. When I stopped drinking I used the weekend to have my special food treats. I guess our mindset has to change. Maybe we should think that every evening as being special and plan our special meals and do nice things for ourselves everyday, such as doing the meditation, going for walks, reading, researching nutrition, watching interesting films, etc. I am seeing this time as a way to connect with who I am. I am trying to totally focusing on the daily journey and not the end product.

  2. The brother says:

    My big weekend thing was to get movies and junk food and have a pig out and watch movies. Oh well. Just need to find new things to get excited about, which for me is my weigh in. I weigh myself every Friday morning. If you lose weight it tends to stick with you all weekend.

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