Confession and Eye Opener

It is hard to make a confession about what I ate yesterday.  First of all, I did research the pros and cons of eating fish and milk products and had decided from the many articles that fish was very important in ones diet and it has many nutrients such as B12’s and Omega 3’s.   I decided to bring in fish products occasionally into my diet.  So, I invited friends over last night for supper and I made a fish chowder.  I started with the way I normally make soup with frying the onions and vegetables but I normally add vegetable stock to make soup, but this time I used chicken stock and two cups of milk.  I added the haddock pieces to the soup.  I made a big salad to go with it and some white garlic bread.   I kept debating all day whether I should eat the soup or eat my lentil soup from the day before. When it came time to eat with my friends, I convinced myself that it was OK to eat the fish soup since I had not eaten any meat, fish or dairy products for 5 weeks.  It is amazing how fast I convinced myself that it was OK to eat fish and milk.  Well, I ate it and did not enjoy it that much.  I had the salad but not the white bread during the meal.

After the meal I made yogurt with strawberries and poured a bit of maple syrup over the top.  I did not have any yogurt, but only ate the strawberries.   Now, it goes all downhill.   I saw some pieces of bread that were left over on the table and around 9:30 PM ate those three pieces of garlic bread, just like that.  What a bizarre behavior, or was it?  This is my addictive behavior telling me that I have all already cheated with the fish soup so I might as well just kill myself with the bread.  At that point my emotions take over and I begin to destroy myself.  I am sure if I had any chocolate in the condo, I would have eaten that as well.  Thank goddess for not having any junk foods when I am in a emotional turmoil.

Well, this morning when I got up, my knee hurt, my stomach is upset,  I have diarrhea, feel bloated and just have this over all disrespect for myself.  It feels like a hangover.

So,  what have I learned from this?    I do believe certain foods are poisons for my body.  I just can not eat them.   My friends and husband loved the soup and it did not make them sick.   When I eat vegetables, whole grain products and legumes,  my body is calmer and I feel so good.

One good note from this week.  I did loose another pound.  So, that is 12 pounds so far.


Vegetable Based Eating Plan

I made another delicious soup.  I think soups and stews are my favorite meals because they are so easy to make.  I made a lentil soup tonight.  I always start off with frying onions in olive oil and adding sliced carrots, celery, cut up fresh string beans, one sweat potato cut up in pieces and then I added 1/2 cup of vegetable stock and emptied two cans of Amy’s lentil soup into the pot.   I cooked it until all of the ingredients were soft.   I made a big lettuce salad to go with the soup.   That was it. I am keeping a list of all of my meals so that I can repeat them over again.  I will put this soup on my list.  The nice thing about soups and stews, they are good the next day and keep well in the freezer.   I will freeze this soup and have it on Monday after school.

One thing that I have found with this vegetable-based eating plan is that I am full after I eat my dinner.  I never crave to eat something unhealthy.  My husband watched the hockey game yesterday and had a bag of chips to go with his beer.  I did not want any of those chips.   This is my 5 th week and I have not cheated on this diet at all.  I don’t think I have ever stayed away from junk food for such a long time.   This is what I think is amazing.   I see this change in eating as a commitment to the environment and to my health.   I did all of my other diets, which rarely lasted more than two weeks, for weight loss only.   I am doing this to loose weight but that is not the focus.   The focus is to feel fantastic, to be able to think clearer, to be able to sleep well, to walk without pains and to be able to play with my grandchildren and to share my experiences with them as they grow older.  If I kept up with the way I ate before I started this Vegetarian  journey, then I would not have seen my grandchildren grow older.

Vegetables over Rice

I made this stir fried vegetables over rice.   It was delicious.

I started with frying my onions in a bit of olive oil in a large frying pan.   Added some garlic and sliced fresh ginger.  Caramalized the onions, garlic and ginger.  Added some organic broccoli, chinese bok choy and some celery with about 1/4 cup of vegetable stock.  Covered it and let it steam for 10 minutes on low heat.   I also added about 1 tablespoon of humus to the liquid and a bit of Soy sauce.  The humus made a thicker gravy.  When it was done I put it over my leftover rice.   It was very filling and delicious.

Now, I will have my tea around 8PM.



5 weeks almost over

I am still committed to this lifestyle.  I am feeling good and still no pains when I walk.  I really don’t know if giving up the meat or the junk food has taking the pains away.   But, the weight is coming off, I feel wonderful and am sticking to the eating plan.   Tonight I will make a stir fry with lots of vegetables and tofu.  Feeling good about this even though I have read a lot of negative comments about this lifestyle on websites. I really do not know who to believe, but it does not hurt to keep at it until something or someone makes be change directions.

Homemade Bread

I went out to try and buy bread with no gluten or wheat.  Well, talk about hidden ingredients that are on the ingredient label.  I decided to make my own bread with different non white  and wheat flour and I did it.  I put a bit of oat flour, spelt flour, rye flour, different grains, rice flour, yeast, almond milk and olive oil,  and came up with this bread.   I made it in the Blendtec.  Took only 15 minutes to make and two hours to rise twice.  I ate it in the morning with almond butter. Only one slice –  Delicious.

I also made a strawberry dessert with the chia seeds.  The texture takes getting used to as well.  One can also make ice cream with the blender.  I made that two days ago with frozen strawberries, frozen banana and almond milk.  It was creamy and very tasty.  I am giving up all of those nuts after supper and eating more fruit types desserts.

Don’t call it pizza!

The other night, I bought a package of gluten-free pizza mix.  After assembling the ingredients, I smeared the frosting-consistancy dough across a sheet pan and topped it with homemade sauce and veggies.  The results????  Blech!  The dough tasted like a giant soggy  noodle.  It made sense after reading the first ingredients were white rice flour and potato starch…gross…and unhealthy.  We scrapped off the topping to eat and threw out the crust.  The topping tasted great, better than great.  That gave me an idea, which after some internet research, apparently many vegans and celiac-disease sufferers already know about.  Make my own rice crust to lie under my baked toppings.

Success!   But, don’t call it pizza.  You might like this meal just as well, but it ain’t pizza and never will be.  The yum factor comes from sautéing each veggie separately until until al dente.  You could also toss the veggies in a bit of oil and bake them. I’ve made this twice – once with silken tofu and once with firm.  Both were delicious, but different.  The silken was smooth and melt in your mouth like goat-cheese, the firm closer to mozzarella.  Also, I pre cooked the rice crust a bit so the finished product would yield crispy edges without overcooking the veggies.

Not Luigi's pizza.

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Weight Loss

Mom, you said you are disappointed that you didn’t lose weight last week.  I think a good idea would be to weigh out 1 oz of nuts, and not eat any more than that.  You might also consider not eating more than 1 serving of grains a day (1/2cup cooked rice or oatmeal) and get the rest of your food through veggies.  This is what Dr. Furhmann prescribes on his 6 week cleanse.