Hunger without cravings

On my way home from shopping this morning, I started to feel hungry.  I had only had my lemon water before leaving the house, and it was past the time when I’d usually drink my smoothie.  I realized that I felt hungry, but wasn’t craving something.  Until this point, I would have immediately start thinking of a bacon and egg breakfast with pancakes or chocolate.  But, I only felt hunger.  Maybe I wasn’t hungry enough?

Interesting about all these pains going away.  Husband with his knee pain gone, and mom with her leg pain gone.  We will definitely have to introduce “banned” foods back one at a time with a few days in between to see if there is a single culprit.  Perhaps it is all the extra veggie vitamins.  We’ll see.

Making a new dessert tonight that I’m excited about.  Stay tuned for post!


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