So I think we are all feeling some effects of this high performance diet, it will be interesting to see if we can figure out what is doing what as we go. As you mentioned Anna it is not an exact science and we are throwing everything at the wall in hopes that the culmination of the cocktail gives good results. Hard to know at this point if the cutting out or the adding on is having the most positive effects.

Aside from the physical what I find most interesting is the mental state. I feel much more positive, eager, inspired, not only to do this but also for the other things I like to do. Maybe it’s just spring…..maybe the sun is upping my vitamin D? It’s more than that though, things are vivid, the air is clearer around me, my body moves easier in space, not sure how to explain it. It’s almost like I’m high….lol. I feel friendly, confident, and calm, no underlying tension. The issues with “life” in general are all still there but they seem much less significant, and I feel I have the energy and clarity to take them on. I’m looking forward to the summer’s projects, lots to do and I’m itching to get started. I have a feeling that doing work on the house and other various projects will be more enjoyable and I will keep a sense of calm without the usual frustration and anxiety that usually accompanies these things.

As for cravings….It’s amazing how fast they are dissolving away. Last week I had a few days where I would have devoured a bag of chips, that’s going away now, and I think that type of craving is a symptom of the types of foods our bodies are used to. Now that our bodies are more stable and don’t expect binges of suga, salt, carbs, and fat it will become easier to do the right thing.
The knees are still getting better……that’s freaking crazy! And more importantly, my diabetes has been more stable then ever without having to try to track spikes in the fast carbs and sugars. I am taking less insulin now and am testing quite a bit to see what’s going on, so far so good, not surprising but interesting how simple the solutions can be sometimes.


One comment on “Differentiating……

  1. the sister says:

    I can’t believe you finally cleaned out the downstairs storage room! Yeah! Keep up the good work!

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