Costco Outing

I had my list of ingredients with me when I went to Costco and sure enough it was lunch time.   At the end of every aisle there stood a lady with goodies to hand out – smoked salmon, milk products, chips, granola bars, and butters on breads.   It was so hard to go past those little morsels that were begging me to put them in my mouth. Of course, my husband tried all of them and felt quite full at the end of our shopping.

I was there on a mission, to find all of the vegan food items on my list.   Vegetables, fresh and frozen fruits, etc.   I also was looking for some fast processed vegan foods that I could heat up in a panic.  Do you think that Costco, in the 1000s of square feet warehouse, have one product that I could buy.  Even the vegetable burgers had wheat and sugar in them.   So, I left a bit disappointed, to say the least.  Anyway, I can see why it is so hard for people to stick to their diet or change to a health conscious person.  I think  so many people do not look at labels because they get sick of seeing that there is so little that one can eat.  But, I did survive not tasting any of the handouts.  I came home and had my vegetables and freshly made humas for lunch.   It was awesome.


5 comments on “Costco Outing

  1. sister (Lisa) says:

    Good for you, mom! Don’t buy any pre made vegan food – it is full of sodium and preservatives. Make yourself some burgers and freeze them. I see you and Jo are burger obsessed, so I will do a burger recipe host this week.

  2. Anna says:

    Great because I can use it as my side dish.

    I want to make those oatmeal bars that are found on I love her recipes and want to make them. I thought of using my soy milk instead of milk. I also want to make those nut/date bars as well. The only fear I have is that I don’t want to start eating them when I get hungry and they also have calories in them. So, I feel that they are a little dangerous to make at this point. It is like having a non alcoholic drink when one stops drinking. It often leads to an alcoholic drink. Any thoughts on this?

    • sister (Lisa) says:

      I don’t know. I ate a lot of my cookies the first few days I made them, but got tired of them after a while. You and Jo lost much more weight than me, maybe that’s why. Still, I like something sweet once a day. You could make a batch and if you binge eat them, don’t make them again. Remember: we are only supposed to eat when we are hungry.

  3. Anna says:

    I did make the oatmeal cookies and they just did not stick together so I made it like granola and will just eat the pieces with my dates after supper. I added 2 packs of stivia and it is too sweet. Anyway, I will try it again and put the dough in the fridge to harden. Instead of milk, I used apple sauce.

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