Day 8. Mental Energy is Awesome

I agree with reluctantlyvegan who said that he is amazed by his mental state.  That is exactly what I wanted to write about today.  I got up at 5am because I could not sleep and I had so much energy all day.  My mind seems so clear and I can not stop being active.  It feels like I am on a caffeine fix or a drug because I just want to keep doing something.  I got to school and I felt calm all day.  Usually by the third period, I am so tired and want to just sit, but today I felt so energized and kept focused and remembered artists’ names that I usually forget.   I don’t know what is causing it.

I did have a salad and herbal tea for lunch.  When I got home I made my beans for supper and they were so hard and I could not eat them.   So, I have to cook them more.  I did have the zucchini and broccoli as my side dish and that was very good.   So, my son, you are not the only one that makes mistakes cooking.


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