Sleeping Issues

The energy that I have during the day keeps with me because I keep tossing and turning 3 – 4 times at night.  I sleep deeply for about two hours or so and then awake and need awhile to get  back to sleep.  I have weird dreams.   I think all of the toxins from the body are coming out and affecting all parts of the body.  So, if the new way of eating is giving my aching bones in my knees a new life, then maybe my brain is also getting different chemicals that are affecting its neurons or tissues in some way.

Just finished my oatmeal, strawberries and apple sauce and am drinking my green tea as I write.     I will make my own apple sauce once I finish my bought one.  The bought apple sauce in a glass jar has no sugar and is made from pure apples but tastes a bit bland.

Have a great day everyone.


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