Hard doing it alone

John, just keep on the plan because the rewards outweigh the pain. I know what it is like when I want to eat to stop the physical, mental and emotional frustrations.   When one looses weight, then the partner often feels threatened.  So, sometimes they want to sabotage the process.  I know what it is like when I tried to stop drinking.  Everyone around me tried to give me a drink so that it made them feel more comfortable when they drank.  It is the same with eating.   So, keep those fruit snacks around and have them before you eat your rice with vegetables. Get some rice cakes and have some almond butter on them.   Make some humus that you can put in the fridge and when you are hungry or frustrated eat it with your corn tacos. Eat your humus with vegetables before supper.   Make a big pot of rice on the weekend.  Rice tastes good when it is heated in the microwave. Get frozen vegetables as well to add to your rice.   You can get all kinds of different vegetables for your rice so that it does not get boring.    I ate my stir fried rice this evening  and it was very good.  I then will have my snack of a few raisins, 2 dates and a few walnuts around 7 PM with a cup of herbal tea.   The tea is very good and I have about 4 cups a day, especially when I feel hungry.      I have not felt so good for ages and I want to live long enough so that I can see my grandchildren grow up.  I am sure you also want to see your children get married and have children.  It will not happen if you keep on the same old eating plan.


One comment on “Hard doing it alone

  1. sister (Lisa) says:

    Good advice. I don’t agree with having healthy food ready to eat when you feel frustrated, etc. Karr said that the best advice she got from one of her teachers was (something to the effect of) “if you are feeling an emotion don’t eat.”

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