Running Out of Steam

Well I had big plans to make the crispy tofu but by the time I stopped to get the ingredients and got home it was already 7 pm, then I had to put on the brown rice which took 45 minutes to cook. I ended up bailing on the tofu and just made a veg stir-fry with the brown rice. I still felt hungry after because I wolfed down my food, so I had some strawberries afterwards, now I’m alright. It’s hard when I get home. Yesterday I heard that I was looking pale and unhealthy, and today I heard I’m pushing the family away with what I’m doing. On a positive note I went for a walk at lunch today. I’ve been seriously slacking in the exercise department, but I have four days off so I should be able to catch up on my exercise and make some decent meals. I’m watching the Biggest Loser. It is very motivational, but I’m having a hard time listening over top of the relationship advice videos that my wife is watching on Youtube all of a sudden. Not sure why eating better is so threatening.


2 comments on “Running Out of Steam

  1. Youngest says:

    By far, Jo, you have a difficult situation in that you have to do this all alone and you work long hours. It’s difficult going into work and still finding motivation at the end of a long day to do exercise and eat well. I ate vegetarian for 5 years and had very little support from my family at family get togethers. This is the reality…the general population doesn’t adjust well to differences in culture and others not indulging in their habits.

    Two things that I always think when I try to control my appetite…
    #1 – “Nothing tastes as good as looking good feels”; and,
    #2 – “Tomorrow is another day, I will have my breakfast, then lunch and dinner” (breakfast always tastes WAY better when one has eaten well the evening before…something to which one can look forward). Why binge eat when it’s nice to have something the next day to which one can look forward?

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