Make my daughter’s recipes!!!!

Ok, I was starting to think that my dinners and lunches were getting boring and thought about the variety of dishes I could make with meat, fish, eggs, cheese, etc.  I had so few ideas for vegan recipes.  I went onto many food websites and saw few recipes that would help since I am not eating any gluten, wheat or sugar products.   So, my daughter said,  “Why are you not following my recipes?”  Here she was making all kinds of wonderful recipes and I just read them and said how wonderful the photos were but have not tried them.   I did do a version of the rice in the bowls with my vegetables on top but not her version.  Ok, onto another decision.  I have written down all of the ingredients that she uses for her recipes and will buy them today.  Tomorrow I begin with her carrot soup and vegetable/salad with the Chia desert.  I will just make the salmon for my husband to go with the soup and salad.   Tonight I plan to have my beans that I cooked with vegetables.  So, after today, no more complaining about how boring my meals are becoming.   After my meal I will tell you how it went and what it tasted like.

A challenge for my son and anyone who is reading this blog is to make Lisa’s recipes so that we can share the results.


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