The Old Ways of Thinking

It is amazing how we let sugar craving thoughts enter our psyche.  I have been thinking about chocolate and craving sugar today.   Thank my higher power that I do not have any chocolate in the house because I threw it out before I started our program.

I don’t think it matters what weightloss program you are on, as long and one sticks to it.  I find this way of eating is so healthy.  It has been no trouble as long as I research my meals to make and then prepare my foods ahead of time.   That is the trick with any food plan.  What I see is that if I went back to my “normal” eating, I would very quickly go back to eating too much of the so called easy to make foods.  I would go to the Chinese restaurant and fill up with the fattening greasy foods.  Then, I would slowly eat the cookies that I get at Trader Joe. The problem is I have eaten so bad for so many years that it will take a longer time to get my body back to normal.   95% of people who loose weight put it back on and I believe that is because those individuals go back to first cutting down on the foods that they normally eat and then going back to eating exactly the way they did before their diets.   I made Lisa’s soup today and made her dessert last night which took 5 minutes to make and it is so healthy.  I just added some frozen berries to the batch and blended the whole thing first and then added the Chia seeds.


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