Dreading the Family Get Together…..Easter Style

Twenty two hours until the Easter Family get together and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m already pretty sure that I won’t be able to eat anything over there. I can handle that, I just hate when people question why I’m not eating because I don’t want to go over the whole story about what I’m trying to do. It happens at work often, when someone brings in pie, and I have to say, “no thanks, I’m ok” about ten time throughout the day. I don’t tell anyone what I’m doing, because I don’t want to answer questions. The silliest question is when someone asks me why I’m doing this. The first response that comes to mind is “Why the F!@k do you think I’m doing this, LOOK AT ME !!” but then what comes out of my mouth is “I don’t know, trying to eat a bit healthier, I guess.” Now I just need to figure out what’s going to seem more normal. If I bring my own food, and eat something different then everyone, or just sit there and not eat. I’m leaning towards bringing my own food. I’ll treat it like when I take my lunch to work. Just bring a salad, and maybe some celery or something, that way I don’t need to heat anything up. It should be great, chomping on celery as people wolf down nice succulent Easter ham.

On a personal note, I was getting pains in my stomach last night and again this morning. I’m not sure if the brown rice went bad sitting in the fridge or what’s going on. I seem to be feeling better now. I haven’t had any salad the last few days because I was getting sick of it. Same goes with the brown rice and veg stir fries now. Going down the home stretch I will make that carrot soup and some kind of bean dish to take me through to the end of the cleanse.

Oh today was great too. The local Easter parade, and then a community BBQ where they were giving out free hot dogs and hamburgers, followed by cotton candy. It was just wonderful waiting in line for an hour for something I couldn’t eat. I’m loving this cleanse.


2 comments on “Dreading the Family Get Together…..Easter Style

  1. sister (Lisa) says:

    First of all, free hotdogs and hamburgers and cotton candy will kill you, so you didn’t miss out on anything. The cleanse saved your life there. Secondly, Maria will certainly have salad and a vegetable dish or two. You might consider eating your vegan meal before you head over there, then at least you won’t be hungry. I’d definitely bring some food – but NOT celery! Bring a bean and green salad or something.

    OR, take the meal off the cleanse. Eat everything in moderation EXCEPT the dessert. Big deal. You can go back to the cleanse the next day. It’s a celebration, and it was an ill-timed time for a cleanse. You plan on returning to meat and dairy after the cleanse anyway. Enjoy yourself. That’s what I’d do.

  2. Anna says:

    Remember that Magda is also a vegetarian and does not eat any meat, cheese or eggs, and your aunt always has vegetarian dishes available so that will not be a problem. Try not to only focus on the food and focus on the family discussions, etc. Stay away from the table that has a lot of junk food. Your aunt always serves healthy food and like your sister says, if you feel like you have to eat the meat then eat the meal but just not so much and enjoy yourself and go right back to the cleanse on Monday. The other thing you can do is to call your aunt and tell her that you are on a vegan cleanse and if she could have something to eat for you. You just can not eat the meat but you can eat the vegetables, potatoes, etc.

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