Day 12 Left Overs and Salad

Today, my husband and I drove down to San Francisco for a drive.  I made a bag of vegetables and humas to take with us for a snack.  When we got back I had my carrot soup for lunch.  It was good the second day.  For supper I also had the left over soup and finished it.  I made a big salad and that is all I had.  I will eat the rest of my chia pudding and later have my tea.   I  am very full.  Tomorrow I weigh myself and I hope I lost some weight. 

One thing I noticed is that I am sleeping very soundly at night.  The first week I could not sleep much but then I slept so much more soundly over the past three nights.   So, that is good.   I also love this way of eating.  Yes, I do miss the meats, but my sugar craving has almost disappeared.  I don’t know what I will do after these three weeks are up.  One more week to go and then we will have to discuss our next plan.  Like, Lisa, I also could stay on this path longer but add a few more items to my daily meals.   


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