Happy Easter

I hope everyone is having a nice Easter with family and friends.   I wish I was closer to the family because it does get lonely here with only my husband and a few friends.  I am looking forward to the trip home at the end of May.  Then, I can see the grandchildren. my children, sister, parent, etc for many months.  I just have to see today as another day and not think of this day as a special event.  I had my bean soup and two tacos for lunch with a bit of humus,  and that hit the spot.  I am going to look over Lisa’s recipes and try one  of her recipes with quinoa and some vegetables or supper. I have a lot of vegetables left and they have to be eaten.

I am taking my juicer back to Costco because I really do prefer smoothies and having the pulp in my drink. I am deciding between a Vitamix and the  Blendtec blender.  I think blending will be a great way to get more vegetables and greens.  I can also use it for making butters and those dates squares, etc.    So, I am looking forward to that purchase.

I have to say that I was disappointed by not losing any weight this week.   I guess it was because I am eating so much in fruit, vegetables and rice.  So, I have to cut down on the volume of food.   I really don’t care if I didn’t loose because I am so happy with the way I feel. Having no pain in the knees and feeling like I have so much energy is much better than my issues with weight at the moment.   I have one more week to go and then we will talk about our next steps on this blog.



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