Happy Easter everyone!  The kids were up early gathering their chocolate eggs.  The Easter Bunny brought them all kinds of delicious Belgian chocolates and all shapes and sizes.  What lucky children!  I had to almost pry one out of Daddy’s mouth.  Yesterday, he snuck out for some Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch, so wasn’t gonna let him fall off the cleanse 2 days in a row.  Oh, my.  I DO love chocolate.  I just keep telling myself – “There will ALWAYS be more chocolate (or ham, or wine…whatever).”  Then I don’t feel deprived.  It works great actually.  Changing your mindset from “I can’t have that…poor me,” to “I can have that anytime I want, I just don’t want it right now.”

Just drank four cups of salad smoothie and am now drinking a cup of mango white tea.  Beautiful, sunny day out.  I look forward to my walk, cooking, and spending the day with the family.

Have a great day everyone!

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