Reflecting on the Family Get Together

Well there was no need for me to worry. The get together was great. I brought my carrot soup and a small bag of almonds and cashews, so I was all set. It wasn’t too hard to pass up all of the great food. I even passed on the wonderful sweets. Now I definitely can’t break the cleanse because If I do, today should of been the day.

For dinner tonight I’ll follow up with a salad and some cucumber. I still have lots of soup but I need to save it for lunches. For my final week I’m doing beans all week. I think I might try them in a stir fry with other vegetables and no rice. I bought a big block of tofu so I need to try making that somehow too. I can try the sweet and smokey as has been suggested but I’ll make it with red beans as I don’t care for chickpeas. I was also going to make some rajma, but I’ll see. Can’t believe we are going into the final week already.


2 comments on “Reflecting on the Family Get Together

  1. Anna says:

    That is wonderful that you had such a successful day. I got a call from the grandmother and she said your car was beautiful and she also had a great time, but missed having Jaja at the get together.

  2. sister (Lisa) says:

    Yeah! Good for you! I’ve been binging on dates all afternoon 😦

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