Day 14

This is the official day 14, so two weeks finished.  I did loose a pound this week, a pound from yesterday.  I am a bit disappointed, but I have to think a pound, the size of a butter, is very good.  I just think of all that fat in a pound of butter coming off my body.  Can you imagine that I have 60 pounds of butter to loose off my hips and stomach.

On Sunday, I made Lisa’s squash with the Quinoa and chickpeas for supper.  I substituted the chickpeas for pinto beans.  I thought it tasted very good, but was very dry.  The squash was the dryest, so next time I will take out the pulp and mash it with a bit of soy milk and cinnamon and put it back in it’s shell and then add the Quinoa ingredients.   The squash was very big so I have  half left over for tonight’s meal.

Have a great day everyone.


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