DAY 15

Hi gang!

I took a couple of days off blogging.  I took some video of my last cooking session (a couple of healthy, salty snacks) which I will upload just as soon as I figure out my editing software.  Impossible to do with the kids home over the holidays.  The last couple of days I’ve taken a much needed break off cooking suppers – just eating leftovers and easy rice and bean dishes.  I have a new recipe ready for tomorrow though.

I wish that Shawn would blog more because he is really loving this cleanse.  I get to look at him all day so I can see the change in his appearance.  It is amazing what two weeks has done to his skin.  So flawless and rosy.  His eyes are bright and clear.  He says he feels so clear-headed and focused.  He has fallen off the wagon a couple of times this weekend.  Once with KFC, and today with a dark chocolate bar at IKEA.  His blood sugar was low and he didn’t want to wait in the long cafeteria line to get a juice.  Anyway, something interesting happened.  As soon as he started eating the chocolate bar, two big blisters formed in his cheek right where he was chewing.  That’s never happened to him before.  His body seemed to reject it on contact.  Strange.  I don’t think the KFC gave him a visible reaction though, maybe blisters on the inside 😉 .  He is also amazed at how constant and stable his blood sugar levels are.  After this cleanse, he really wants to stay 80%  vegan, and jokes about  becoming a health crusader.

I have gotten heavy into dates this weekend.  I definitely binged on them today.  I must have been craving sugar.  Tea is another thing Shawn and I are getting into big time.  We drink green tea during the day and herbal in the evenings.  I love sitting down with a hot cup of tea while reading a book or working on the computer.  I think I’ll order some nice looseleaf teas as my reward for finishing week 2!


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