Meat eating and moral values

Well, today was a work day.  I felt tired today and that could be because I only had a apple, orange and banana all day.  I did have a tea this afternoon and it was so good.  I put some soy milk with water and had white tea with coconut.  Then this evening I had my left over squash.   It was much better because I put some soy milk over the top and it was very moist.

I was thinking a lot today about the notion of cutting out meat products from my diet and to keep going with this lifestyle.  There is so much being discussed about the way meat is processed and how animals are being treated with such a lack of dignity.  Why add pink slime to beef products? I think it is because cows are standing in their own manure up to their knees and getting all kinds of bacteria into their pores and then into the meat.  I can not believe that they add ammonia vapor to the meat to kill the bacteria.    Also, chickens are fed caffeine so that they will stay up all night to eat.  Then they are given anti-depressant drugs to offset the caffeine.   I can not believe that I have been eating chickens and cows that have totally been altered.  It is the same with the modified corn that is produced.  I think we have to make a decision to not eat any of those products out of respect for the life and environment of those animals.


One comment on “Meat eating and moral values

  1. sister (Lisa) says:

    I agree with you. We should all know where our food comes from. We are gonna grow lots of our own veggies this summer, and try to support local farmers. I found this article on supermarket food:

    I used to LOVE shrimp, but never thought about what they swim around in!

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