Soy milk issues???

I have been reading all kinds of articles about going vegetarian and vegan,   I saw nutritionists talk about the dangers of certain types of foods.   I read quite a few stating the one should avoid soy products.  Now, that was an eye opener because I thought that soy products were healthy for you.  I guess the issue is that soy has also been so modified that the soy is not longer like it used to be in its original state.  They do talk about tofu as being good because it has been fermented but that the soy milk and soy beans are bad for your thyroid and does not have the nutrients that manufacturers claim it has.  Anyway, reading those articles by a few nutritionists made me a bit skeptical about drinking my organic soy milk.  Anyone reading this, “Can you share your experiences with soy products”???


One comment on “Soy milk issues???

  1. sister (Lisa) says:

    I also heard that soy milk isn’t good for you. I haven’t drank it in years because of that. Now I only drink almond milk. I even make it myself, it’s so easy, but also keep a few boxes of in in the cupboard when in a pinch. Here’s a recipe…I don’t put the agave or salt in though. I’ll bet making cashew cream would be good in coffee.

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