Beyond the 21 Days

I read the most recent blogs from my son and daughter.  I think it is important to find one’s own path regarding nutrition.  If one needs to add meat and dairy products to one’s diet then that is the way to go.  I just believe that one has to do it by looking at the research out there and to be open minded about the process.   I have read so many articles on the pros and cons of going vegan and there are always two sides to the story.  Some feel wonderful eating only fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains.   They look healthy and have a glow to their skin.  Others, feel tired and have no energy to do anything.  I did read that book called Eat Right for your Type by J.D’ Adamo. He maintains that you need specific foods for you blood type so A blood types, which I am, needs a vegetarian type diet with no animal products.  O blood types need animal products in his or her diets.  Also, when you read the article that Lisa refers to in her last post, Dr. Ben Kim recommends eating some fish, eggs, and some specific cheeses.

My decision for the next weeks is to continue to eat the way I have been eating and to only add eggs that have come from free range/organic chickens.  I also will go back to having two cups of coffee a day. I  will still stay away from any meat products,  sugar, wheat and dairy.    I started this vegan experience not for loosing weight but to get healthy.   I am loosing weight and  feeling much better.   I still have no pains in my legs, have energy and my brain seem clearer.  I still have 50 pound to loose and want to get to a weight that makes sense for my body.  This plan is working because  I am never hungry and this is the first eating plan that I can stick with.    So, I will keep blogging and sharing my experiences about my journey because writing about my experiences also helps  sticking to  this program.


2 comments on “Beyond the 21 Days

  1. Anna says:

    Lisa, I believe it is the oatmeal with a banana and strawberries that I have in the morning that keeps me going during the day. You have only your smoothie in the morning. So, start eating oatmeal and see if that helps with your energy.

  2. sister (Lisa) says:

    Yes, I will stick to it to in a similar way to how we are doing it now.

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