DAY 19 – tired

Three days left of this cleanse.  I think I’ll basically be continuing on as I am now though.  Jo, your new hybrid diet sounds good.  Veggies all day and chicken or fish for supper.  You gotta make the diet work for you or you won’t stick to it.

I have noticed that my energy has been low this week too.  It is hard to say if it is the diet or lack of sleep.  Husband it doing great and has tons of energy, so I am guessing the diet part is good, though everyone is different.  I don’t sleep more than 3 hours at a time.  Ever.  Baby wakes up to drink every 2 -3 hours, so that means my sleep is interrupted 3 times a night.  I notice on my afternoon walks that I am sluggish and slow.  I just bought some B12 and will start taking that.  I think I may bring twice a week eggs or fish back into my diet to see if I feel more energy.


2 comments on “DAY 19 – tired

  1. Anna says:

    Lisa, I believe it is the oatmeal with a banana and strawberries that I have in the morning that keeps me going during the day. You have only your smoothie in the morning. So, start eating oatmeal and see if that helps with your energy.

    • sister (Lisa) says:

      Yes, but I eat a big lunch…maybe too big and walking on a full stomach is hard. I am gonna make sure to eat 1 oz of walnuts everyday. I’ve only been eating nuts in the cocoa balls, and there is not many in each ball. I had a handful this morning and felt better after.

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