Day 20 and one more day to go

I went with my other daughter, who is visiting me, to Amador county and visited the wineries.  I was the designated driver since I don’t drink and then just watched my family have fun tasting wines.   We had a great time.  At lunch they had their big meat sandwiches and I had my mixed vegetables and a grain salad that I never had before.  I have to say that the food was bland and uninteresting.  My chi tea with coconut was delicious.   I really am getting into teas.   I did take some walnuts and dates with me for snacking.

When we got home the family wanted steak from Costco, so we bought steaks and made them with a big salad and a side dish of mushrooms with potatoes.  I had the salad, mushrooms and potatoes.   It really was not a problem.  I am getting used to my food and no longer feeling sorry for myself when I see others eating foods that I loved to eat.

Well tomorrow is my final day.  I am a little nervous about bringing back the coffee and a having few eggs.    I am going to be taking the vegan plan to a vegetarian plan since I am going to be introducing eggs.   I don’t think vegan’s eat egg products, even if they come from free roaming chickens that have a healthy lifestyle.  Anyway, that is what I will be doing and exploring the next three weeks.  I will continue with my blogging.


2 comments on “Day 20 and one more day to go

  1. sister (Lisa) says:

    Mom, can you bring me home some of that chai coconut tea, and any other good ones you like. The stores are pretty limited here without me ordering online. I am LOVING my tea too!

  2. Anna says:

    Great idea. Will bring a variety. I will also get wild rice and chia seeds.

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