Day 21 is here.

The time does fly when one is having fun.  I did enjoy my three weeks on this plan and I can not believe how easy it was with some preparation and daily planning.  I think that is the key to any change with one’s eating plans.  I made sure I planned my daily menus, bought all of the ingredients for each recipe, and made the commitment to do this.   Also, I had the help of my daughter, Lisa, who planned the recipes for us. I just followed her directions.   I now will keep going for another 21 days.  As I said in an earlier blog, I will add eggs two days a week and one coffee in the morning and one in the afternoon.  The rest of the time will continue with the vegan program.   I bought beautiful brown organic eggs from the market and am looking forward to having them in a meal.

The one thing that I have noticed doing this plan is the lack of prepared foods that are out there for vegans. First of all the meals that you can find are bland and do not taste that good.   I did buy a salad at one restaurant and felt sick with an upset stomach the next day.  If you are vegetarian one can get more of a variety.  In the supermarkets there is virtually nothing that I could buy.   This really is an issue for those individuals who need to occasionally supplement their food items at night if they work all day.   That really is an issue for us, especially my son who gets home at 7 PM in the evening.

Another important point to remember is to read the labels.  I am vigilant when I pick up any product and read the labels.  It is amazing how many items have hidden sugar/corn syrup/glucose, wheat, and all kinds of preservatives.

Anyway, here comes another three weeks of sharing my experiences.


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