Lisa, I am with you.

Yes, Lisa, it is a slippery slope going back to the so called “normal” way of eating.  I am 63 years old and have done this jo-jo dieting for most of my life.  I have tried fasting, the high cholesterol diet, weight watchers, calorie counting, and all of those diets did not work.  Once, when I was 32, I did the calorie counting and lost 60 pounds and then went right back to eating my “normal” foods and it took about a year and I gained it all back.  I need the structure and this paradyme shift in the way I think about foods. I want to know where the foods that I consume are coming from and how they are processed.  I have made a commitment to continue to eat the way I have been eating over the past three weeks because I just   feel better and I want to save animals from a life of disrespect.   On the other hand, I have continually complained about the aches and pains in my legs and that was because I was overweight and ate the wrong types of foods.  I have virtually no pain in my knees anymore.  I still have a bit of stiffness in my legs when I am inactive for a while and then get up to walk. The deep aches in the ankles, etc.  are gone.  I just do not want to go back to eating all of those foods that were making me sick.   So, I am with you Lisa, and will stick to our program and then share our experiences as we go forward.

Tonight for supper I will have my beans and rice with a side salad.


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