Keeping positive and trying different recipes

I am tired of eating beans so I found this great recipe for a soup.  I did change the recipe and just used what I had in the kitchen.  I used onions, leeks, potatoes, sweet potato and some ginger. I added cumin, salt and pepper to taste.   Made it the way Lisa, recommends – frying onions and leeks until they are golden and then adding the potatoes and ginger to the mixture.  Once they were a bit soft, I added the coconut milk and vegetable broth.  I cooked it for 30 minutes, until the mixture was tender.  Once the soup was finished, I blended it in the blender.   I can not wait to try it for supper. I will have my 2 egg spinach omelette with it tonight.

I agree with Lisa and to see this journey as a positive experience and not to dwell on the negative.  The trick for me is to spend the time to research different vegan recipes and to learn all about  vegetarian/vegan food choices.   I am sure that when I continue with this plan for a longer period of time friends and family members may try to discourage me from doing this.  Friends have already tried to convince me that not eating meat is  unhealthy.  Why do people often see not eating meat as unhealthy when i am feeling so good.  No one has ever told me that the way I ate before this vegan journey as being unhealthy.  Even though I am over 60 pounds too heavy, my doctors never suggested that I should eat less.   Anyway, the issue is to keep positive about the way I am eating and not to let  my guard down and say “what the heck” and go back to my old way of eating and cooking.


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