Made a little detour

I was very confident when I went to this reception today. I thought that I could handle the food items that were being served.  Well, I did have a vegetarian sandwich.  It was tomatoes and vegetables on a croissant .  I know that I have decided to go gluten free but I just was hungry and made the decision to eat the sandwich.  I did not eat any of the sugary cookies.  I only ate a few pieces of fruit.   So, that is my confession.

So, tonight I am going right back to eating my good Quinoa for supper with lots of vegetables.   This was the first time that I fell off my path and I do not feel that bad because I had made the right choice when choosing the vegetarian sandwich and skipping the desserts.


One comment on “Made a little detour

  1. Youngest says:

    Just one comment to think about….the psychological turmoil of ensuring you’re eating the “right” foods (again, health is moderation and balance (including exercise) not necessarily elimination) is sometimes more damaging than actually consuming the “bad” foods. I read a wonderful article years ago about individuals who “think themselves fat” – – their psyche does not allow them to lose the weight because they are so overly stressed and paranoid about everything they eat. Cortisol, a stress hormone, is linked to weight gain for a variety of reasons.

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