“I don’t know why she wants to kill herself!”

Week four of our vegan plan is over today.  The time has flown by and I have not had any wheat, meat, fish or sugar products for four weeks. I do have my two eggs a week and did resort to a tiny bit of milk for my coffee this morning. I put in almond milk and coconut milk but the coffee is too strong so I did add just a tablespoon of 2 % milk and it does not seem to affect me in anyway. I just can not drink my coffee black. I checked my weight and have not lost a pound this week, but that is OK. I am not doing this  for the weight, but I have to be honest and say that I do get down because the weight on my body is an issue. So, in 4 weeks I have only lost 10 pounds. I am still proud to have stuck to the plan for 4 weeks. Week 5 is coming up.

The test for me is when I get to Toronto and visit with my mother in three weeks. She does push her ideas onto me and often does not support changes of any kind. She said this to my son when hearing that I was on this “vegan” plan.  “I don’t know why she wants to kill herself.”  I just can not understand the strong negativity when one gives up meat products or tries to loose weight.   People try to persuade me to stop this “insanity.”   The worst things that one can eat, and all the research that I have read confirms this, are sugar, white flour and meat products, especially refined processed meats, are killers.   If I smoked and wanted to give up cigarettes, I would not get this reaction.  People would say, “good for you because cigarettes will kill you.”   I just have to be strong and not loose sight of why I am doing this.

Week 5 begins tomorrow and I am thinking about introducing whole wheat products, such as bread, pita, whole grain cereals,  and pasta.  I have been reading about plant based eating and all agree that whole grains are also healthy to the body but in moderation.   Again, that word “moderation” worries me.  I don’t know and need someone who reads this blog to help me with that decision.  I watched the documentary, “Forks over Knives”,  and the  Fire Engine 2 diet that came as a result of the “Forks over Knives” film.   Both claim that Whole grains are good and are needed in your diet.   I will just keep working the program and keep thinking about the whole wheat product dilemma.




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