Fish consumption???

Yesterday, after careful consideration and researching the pros and cons of eating fish,  I decided to have fish so I can  get my B12 and Omega 3’s.   I have researched the topic and found that Alaskan salmon and Pacific sockeye salmon are the least polluted salmon that one can eat.    Mackerel provides the most vitamin B-12 with 19μg per 100g serving (317% DV), followed by Herring (312% DV), Salmon (302%), Tuna (181%), Cod (167%), Sardines (149%), Trout (130%), and Bluefish (104%) found on  This heathaliciousness website lists the top foods that have the best vitamin ingredients.  Also, farm raised fish should not be eaten since there are so many pollutants in the water that the fish eat, so I will not eat farm raised fish.   If I do eat fish once in a while then I can afford to have wild salmon.

I did make the fish yesterday and had it with a salad.  I am not sure how often I will add fish to my diet but I do not want to take any pills to get all of the required daily  minerals and vitamins.

So, the ingredients that I am beginning to slowly add to my food plan lifestyle is fish and eggs.  Over the past 6 weeks, I have not had one item of junk food or beef, chicken, pork, processed meats, cheese, etc.


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