Loosing steam

It is amazing how much blogging I have done over the last 6 weeks but lately I am getting a bit lazy adding blogs to this site. .  My 7th week is almost over.  I am still keeping to the program.   I made lentil stew tonight with squash and vegetables.  The meal was a bit boring, but did taste very good.   I feel a bit lonely doing the blogging all by myself.   I have not heard from my son or daughter over the past week.  I hope they are doing Ok.   The thing that kept me going this long was the sharing of ideas and  committing myself to a healthy lifestyle and doing this as a family.    I think this happens with a lot of people.  They start a diet with good intentions and then slowly go back to their old habits.  At first they try one forbidden  item and then another.  Soon they are back to eating the way they have always eaten.   They don’t talk about the subject of health, they don’t continue with their exercise program and just forget that at one point their body was hurting and they felt lousy.   Soon the vicious cycle  begins again.  I guess I don’t want to go back to the way it was.   I am going to keep it up.   Off to make some of my new tea.


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