Back in Canada

Took five days to drive back from Sacramento.  The food buying each day on the road was terrible. We ate Subway sandwiches for 4 days. I had the vegetable sandwich and one day the tuna. It was very bland. No place to buy any good vegetarian dishes. When I got back I had to fight my mother’s insistence to eat her cookies. She believes that I am crazy eating the type of foods that I eat. Anyway, I just ignored her rants. I lost another three pounds. I am wearing clothes that I could not get into so feel happy that they fit. I also feel so good that I have stuck to this vegetarian lifestyle and have had no junk food, sugar products, meat, and cheese products since March the 25th.

When I got back I went over to Costco to buy my food staples so now have my fridge filled with good foods.   So, when I am here I will be OK.   Now, the hard part begins. Cottage season is upon me and family will be visiting. Two birthday parties are approaching. This will be interesting to see how I do over the next two months. Going to my daughter’s house tonight and she is having Indian vegetarian so all will be well.


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