cabbage rolls

I made vegan cabbage rolls for supper yesterday. They were good. I needed a few ingredients so decided to walk to the store rather than drive. So i got a 40min walk as well. I find myself getting hungry around 8 or 9pm.  I am used to snacking. I have been just accepting the feelingthen heading to bed early. I have been sleeping great!


Week 1 is over

I had my friends over for dinner last night.  Maria brought dessert.  It was a fruit flan and I did eat one.  It was so sweet and I did not really enjoy it.  I am not going to beat myself for eating it.  I had a great dinner with a small piece of fish and lots of vegetables.   So, I did well overall. I have no scale here so don’t know how much I weigh.   But, I am doing this for the health benefits and not the weight.   I think the weight will come off regardless if one eats like we should eat.

My first weekend

I got through Friday night with no wine.  If Shawn had brought a bottle home, there is NO WAY I would have had the willpower to say no.  But, he had agreed not to and followed through so I was so thankful.  It was a rough night with the cravings for wine and junk food.  But I made it through and was so proud of myself.

Saturday was so productive with the kids.  What a difference no wine hangover makes.  We took the kids to the museum in the morning and a walk in the woods in the afternoon.  Shawn played games with them throughout the day and evening.  I commented to him, “What wonderful parents we are when we don’t drink and stay up late.”

Last night we had a beautiful vegan pizza – the leftover lentil tomato sauce for the night before’s past, on a pre-made Costco thin crust, then topped with:

spinach leaves, onions, red bell pepper, zucchini, tomatoes, and drizzled with lots of cashew sauce(raw cashews, orange juice, garlic, salt, ginger whipped in Blendtech).  I made it in ten minutes.  Simple and delicious.

Behind me this morning, Shawn is playing hide and seek with the kids.  We will take them all for a walk in the woods this afternoon.

So, I will continue to focus on the positive stuff that a healthy lifestyle brings, not what I am missing out on.

Back at it. Day 1

I agree with Johann, we have to find an eating plan that we can stick with. When I am at the cottage or making food for  your dad, meats are always around me and I can not make two different types of foods for every meal.    I made my curry and rice and ate just 6 slices of chicken.  It was delicious.  I had a yogurt and strawberries for desert. If I am really hungry, I take a few Brazilian nuts to chew on, just 10 pieces.   My achilles heal is sugar products and junk food.  If I can just get off those products, then I will be fine.  I think when I eat them they make me crave more and I can not stop.  So, that is what I will do.  I also agree with Johann, let’s keep watching those films about food.  I am reading those books that Lisa sent me on different nutritional eating programs. So, I think we have to keep our focus on the reasons why we need to eat well.   Johann, I also think that you should make a plan for the week and then go and  buy your products.  Then make your meals on the weekend.  They do not take long.   I made my chicken curry in 10 minutes.  If you make enough then you have it for a few days.   I watched that movie today and it really helped me stay focused.  

So, my supper was 

1 can of Amy’s medium curry

1 sweat potato

1 zucchini 

1/2 cup of vegetable stock

put in a pot and heat until the vegetables are tender

1 cup of boiled rice.  I use one cup of rice, two cups of vegetable stock, a small piece of ginger sliced and salt and pepper.  

My chicken breast I sliced in thin slices, took a bit of oil and put in frying pan, fried the chicken until it was cooked.  I added the chicken to my curry and rice.  


Getting back on

I fell off the plant strong lifestyle in August – a week into vacation in NS.  I had been off meat, wheat, sugar, and alcohol for almost 6 months and I felt amazing.  Since then it has been back to the usual bad eating and I feel gross and out of control.  I want to feel healthy again and I know what I need to do.  I’ve known for months and haven’t been able to push myself to take control of my life.  Now I am ready to get out of denial.

Here is what I need to stop – the things that I know sabotage me: alcohol; too much time on the internet in the form of netflix tv series; refined sugar; sitting (as in I want to start walking again).

Well, today is day 1.  I know tonight is gonna be HARD.  Real hard.  I am already making veggie burgers, so supper is taken care of.  It is the evening that is so difficult though.