Getting back on

I fell off the plant strong lifestyle in August – a week into vacation in NS.  I had been off meat, wheat, sugar, and alcohol for almost 6 months and I felt amazing.  Since then it has been back to the usual bad eating and I feel gross and out of control.  I want to feel healthy again and I know what I need to do.  I’ve known for months and haven’t been able to push myself to take control of my life.  Now I am ready to get out of denial.

Here is what I need to stop – the things that I know sabotage me: alcohol; too much time on the internet in the form of netflix tv series; refined sugar; sitting (as in I want to start walking again).

Well, today is day 1.  I know tonight is gonna be HARD.  Real hard.  I am already making veggie burgers, so supper is taken care of.  It is the evening that is so difficult though.


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