cabbage rolls

I made vegan cabbage rolls for supper yesterday. They were good. I needed a few ingredients so decided to walk to the store rather than drive. So i got a 40min walk as well. I find myself getting hungry around 8 or 9pm.  I am used to snacking. I have been just accepting the feelingthen heading to bed early. I have been sleeping great!


One comment on “cabbage rolls

  1. Anna says:

    I came home yesterday and ate my left over vegetables and fish and just couldn’t eat anything, I was not hungry so I did not have any supper. It is really strange when one gives up food and have no more cravings then one can go for longer periods of time without eating.
    Tonight, I am going to finish the chili and make the rice to go with it. I really like that meal. I also will add vegetables to the chill to make it fresher. The vegetables I made yesterday were way over cooked and had no flavour. I think that is why I could not eat them.

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