Day 1

By the end of today, I already felt lighter!  I did have a headache in the afternoon that lasted all evening.  Probably the coffee withdrawl.  But, I felt good that I made the plunge to recommit to this.

morning: water, rooibos tea

midmorning: spinach and kale smoothie

lunch: since I don’t yet have leftovers, I ate five rice crackers smeared with PB and apple slices.  Four would have been enough as they were filling.

Supper: I whipped up a cauliflower, chickpea, sweet potato, cabbage curry with raisins.  It was really good.

I remembered just how fast and easy vegan cooking is.  Throw together a bean with a starch and some veggies, add spices.  How easy us that?!

Feeling positive.


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